Aaron Matthew, 19, was sentenced to life in prison on Monday, August 1, 2022, after brutally stabbing his mother Ingrid, 80 times and killing her at his flat in Highfields, Leicester, in September 2021. The Leicester Crown Court also said that he will have to serve at least six years and 226 days behind bars before he can be considered for release. The teenager was described as “dangerous” and posing a “severe risk to the community” during the trial.

In April, Matthew admitted to killing his 54-year-old mother and amended his plea from the original charge of murder to manslaughter. On September 11, 2021, Andrew Marshall, Ingrid’s ex-partner and Matthew’s father, found her body in the boy’s bedroom. Only hours earlier, she was said to have been playing games on her phone and Marshall said all had been “quiet” and “normal”. Additionally, he said that Ingrid and Matthew had a good relationship and that his son had never made any threats to hurt them.

During the investigation, Matthew admitted to killing Ingrid with a hunting knife he had secretly bought. The postmortem revealed that Ingrid suffered 83 injuries during the violent attack, which chipped away at her skull and cracked three of her ribs. Matthew was reportedly diagnosed with autism, which would have affected his judgment in the moments leading up to the stabbing, the court heard.

At the court, Kate Goddard QC, prosecuting, remarked, “Aaron Matthew hid possession of the knife from his father. He changed his clothes after the [killing] and left the Leicester area before making arrangements to hand himself in to the police. He did not call for help for his mother after stabbing Ingrid and was unable to be contacted until one day after the [killing].”

Meanwhile, Matthew’s defense attorney Narita Bahra QC said, “In previous letters, he accepts he has done wrong and knows he cannot bring his mother back. This is a young man who knows he will receive a significant sentence. Aaron has difficulty understanding the feelings of others. People had told him he had a ‘flat face’. He is now 19 years of age and has discovered he has a mental health disorder – one he did know about before the offense. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to help this young man.”

The court heard that Matthew had never been convicted of a crime. Judge Adrienne Lucking QC, however, expressed concerns that he constituted a risk to the public after learning that he had a history of irrational outbursts. She declared, “Taking into account the circumstances, I am satisfied there is a serious risk to the community for further offenses and people coming to serious harm. Aaron Matthew is dangerous. He has a propensity to anger and violent outbursts and one result of that saw him inflict 83 wounds to his mother.”

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