A Tuscaloosa, Alabama County Circuit Court judge sentenced Vida Milagro Confetti Duenas, 25, to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the shooting death of Jennifer Raven Nevin. Confetti Duenas pleaded guilty to capital murder during the course of a kidnapping.

“Ms. Confetti-Duenas gave no regard to the life of Jennifer Nevin when she willfully participated in the kidnapping and violent murder of her victim. She will pay for her crimes by serving a sentence of life without parole,” said Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, according to reports.

On Nov. 17, 2017, deputies responded to an area off Watermelon Road in Tuscaloosa County, where the body of 23-year-old Nevin was found.

According to prosecutors, two days before the homicide, Nevin and Confetti Duenas attended a party in Cottondale.

Unbeknownst to Nevin, the defendant had mistakenly believed her friend had intentions of robbing her that evening. As a result, Confetti Duenas convinced Nevin to go for a drive with three other co-defendants, Koran Rashad Lewis and Kendrick Ky’Andre Marshall, and an unidentified female reported.

During the drive, Nevin was held at gunpoint till they arrived at the secluded location. There, the victim was repeatedly beaten, kicked and fatally shot four times before the suspects fled the scene.

Though Confetti Duenas was arrested a day after the victim’s body was found, she was later released on bail in 2018 while she awaited trial. Meanwhile, Lewis and Marshall are still awaiting trial.

Nevin is survived by a 5-Year-Old son.

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