A West Virginia judge sentenced Madison Wine to life in prison for the murder of her adoptive parents in 2019. The fire was at their family’s Parkersburg, West Virginia home. Wine was also convicted of the attempted murder of her stepsister, arson and animal cruelty, according to WTAP.

Because she was arrested when she was a juvenile, Wine will be eligible for parole after 15 years.

The motive for starting the fire hasn’t been made clear. She lived with her adoptive parents after her father died from a drug overdose.

During a sentencing hearing, Wine apologized for her actions that led to the death.

“Nothing I say is going to change how you feel about me and I have to accept that,” Wine said, according to reports. “I wish I could take all of your pain and carry within myself, because I deserve nothing less. I don’t know how to apologize for the damage I have caused. I am sorry I have dragged you into this nightmare where you can’t seem to wake up from. I wish I could take it all back.”

Wine described the fire as an accident but admitted she had to face the consequences, according to the News and Sentinel.

“I deserve every bad thing that is coming to me,” Wine said.

Sherri Bee was the ex-wife of one of the victims. She was also the mother of three of his children. She also spoke during the sentencing hearing about the pain Wine caused.

“My prayers are that Madison pays to the fullest extent for this crime,” Bee said, according to WTAP. My hope is that she will never be paroled. My children and grandchildren will have painful emotions for the remainder of their lives for which they cannot be paroled from. Rob and Charlotte can not be paroled from their graves. So she should be punished and never paroled.”

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