A 38-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly fatally stabbed his brother with a sword following an argument about their oven.

According to charging documents filed by the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office, on Oct. 13 at 4:41 p.m., Kansas City Missouri Police Department officers were called to a residence on Tracy Avenue and found Karl Winn with a sword through his chest. The Kansas City Fire Department declared him dead at 4:51 p.m.

Officers went into the home and saw someone on the couch. That person, whose name and relation to the victim are redacted, is “seeing impaired and required assistance in exiting the residence.” In a back bedroom, police reportedly found Karl’s brother, Aaron Winn, and took him into custody on a 24-hour investigation arrest.

A witness, whose name is also redacted, reportedly told police he went to the home on Tracy Avenue to complete a work order in the backyard. As the man walked toward the backyard, he reportedly heard a “loud scream coming from the front porch area.” He went to the front and saw a female pointing to the porch and the victim with a sword coming out of his chest.

Police spoke with other witnesses and eventually obtained a warrant to search the home. The charging statement says the sword had a Haimuraya symbol on it and was “24 inches from the top of the handle to the front of the victim’s chest where the sword entered,” and protruded 7.5 inches from the back. Detectives reportedly found a sword case in Karl’s bedroom with the same Haimuraya symbol on it.

The Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office determined Karl died from “multiple sharp force injuries” and ruled his death a homicide.

While speaking with police, Aaron said he lived at the Tracy Avenue home with his uncle, mother, and brother Karl. He reportedly told police he saw Karl with the sword sticking out of his chest and believed he committed suicide.

He allegedly admitted he and Karl got into an argument that day “regarding the oven being off” while Aaron was making a pizza.

According to the statement, “Winn conveyed in the interview that he was unhappy with the victim’s lack of ownership of what Winn classified as an ‘evil’ wrongdoing regarding the oven.”

Aaron reportedly confronted his brother about the oven and recorded the argument on Facebook Live for nearly 19 minutes. In the video, Aaron allegedly threatened his brother with a Taser, and as Karl tried to get free, Aaron can reportedly be heard saying, “Play with me if you want to. You will die. Momma is going to have to bury your a–.”

In a second Facebook Live recording, Aaron allegedly says, “It’s hard to be a nonviolent man, but mother f–kers won’t let you. They want you to be violent. They want you to f–k shit up. That’s why I don’t like to fight. You going to die if I put my hands on you. My sons ain’t going to see me in the cage.”

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office said Aaron Winn is being held on $750,000 bond.

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