A man who murdered and cut up the body of his girlfriend before flushing her down the toilet has been jailed for 70 years.

His sentence comes as Mexico begins implementing tougher laws to stop femicide.

Erik Francisco Robledo was sentenced by a judge at the Oriente Men’s Prison in Mexico after he was found guilty of the femicide of Ingrid Escamilla who was 21 years his junior, on February 9, 2020.

Then a 46-year-old civil engineer, he reportedly told cops he murdered his young lover, identified as Ingrid Escamilla Vargas, 25, before skinning and dismembering her corpse and disposing of parts and intestines down the toilet.

Reports said neighbors called the Citizen Safety Secretary (SSC) when they saw the man coming out of the building where he lived covered in blood.

Footage from the time of the arrest shows Erik Francisco in a car with his head bandages and blood on his chest while he reportedly talks to a policeman.

In the clip, he says: “We started to argue and we fought. She said she wanted to kill me and I said do it.”

He added: “She took a knife and I said do it at once. She stabbed me once and I said do it stronger. And she tried two more times.”

When he is asked why he dismembered the woman’s dead body he answered: “I did not want anyone to know.”

He added: “I used the same knife she attacked me with to stab her in her throat. I threw pieces of her dead body into the drainage system because I felt ashamed.”

Gender violence prosecutor Nelly Montealegre said the case was treated as a femicide as the victim had a relationship with her alleged killer.

Ingrid Escamilla reportedly filed a complaint against her partner in July 2019 before dropping the charges.

She was studying for a master’s degree in tourism business administration and often described herself on social media as a girl who likes adventures, pets and nature.

Robledo was arrested immediately after the killing, but the court hearing was postponed till two years later.

The court process lasted over 26 hearings and finally came to an end last Thursday.

Robledo was found guilty of his crime and was sentenced to 70 years in prison – the maximum a criminal can get in Mexico.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Justice of Mexico City announced after the hearing: “We obtained a sentence of 70 years in prison against Erick Francisco ‘N’ after proving his criminal responsibility in the feminicide of the young woman.”

Robledo was also slapped with a hefty fine to cover the funeral expenses and additional compensation for the victim’s family.

After the sentence was announced, Antelma Vargas, Ingrid’s mother, said she was pleased with the judge’s ruling, because it showed that it was now possible to obtain justice for the victims of femicide.

She said: “I feel satisfied, although that is not going to bring my daughter back to life, but for those people who are living those processes that we live so long, that they do not give up, that they do not lose faith, that they fight until they achieve their goal because they do can.”

The maximum sentence against femicide was one of the main objectives of Ingrid’s family since her tragic death.

And after almost three years of constant struggle, they finally got it.

In Mexico, an average of 10.5 femicides are committed on a daily basis.

Only three per cent of the murders are criminally investigated, and only 1 per cent of those make it to court.

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