A half-naked woman was found dead in a garbage can on Staten Island on the morning of October 21. The woman, who is thought to be in her 30s, was found in a trash can in Port Richmond’s 240 block of Heberton Avenue, according to reports.

Despite having security footage of the incident, the home’s landlord told a local news source that he didn’t recognize the woman who was discovered. The woman who was discovered only covered up to her waist has not yet been named in the media as of October 21. According to officials, she had been wrapped in a blanket. The New York Daily News was informed by an NYPD source that they believe the woman died from a drug overdose. The source was also informed by detectives that they suspect that after she overdosed, someone may have dumped her body in the trash since they were unsure of what to do with it. These specifics, however, have not been made public or confirmed. The found woman has been tentatively recognized, according to police, who added that they are currently trying to get in touch with her family.

After the body was found, the landlord spoke with the New York Daily News. The individual who wished to only be known as Joe, claimed to have seen the incident unfold on his cameras. The woman was apparently seen being dragged out of an apartment inside the house by one man, who then abandoned her in the driveway. “My cameras picked up everything,” Joe said. “He put her in the blue (bin) then covered her with blankets and dragged her outside and left her laying over there,” the building owner continued. “I saw something pop out from the blankets,” he said. “I believe it was her hand.” The man may later be seen leaving the scene after returning to the residence, according to Joe.  According to Joe, he has been trying to evict the tenant due to activities at the house while chatting with NBC4.

A police inquiry and questioning of the renter, he added, are ongoing. According to a source, the woman’s body showed “no indication of trauma” when authorities arrived on the scene, according to NBC 4. One nearby neighbor who was at the scene when the death was discovered, claimed to the local news source that her husband appeared to know the woman as someone from the vicinity when he saw the body.

Joe also told reporters that the cameras were ordered as a result of calls and complaints from neighbors about unidentified people entering and exiting the property at various hours of the day and night. According to reports, he has cameras on the building’s exterior and interior. “I’ve owned this building since 1999,” Joe told the outlet. “I’ve had tenants pass away in there, but it’s never been a crime scene.,” he added. Additionally, he claimed that as soon as he saw the video recording of the incident, he decided to change the locks right away, just in case the individual in the video made an attempt to return. According to police, an autopsy has been arranged and will be performed to determine the precise cause of death.

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