A29-year-old man in the Indian state of Maharashtra murdered his childhood friend over a woman, according to authorities.

Amir Ansari, a driver, repeatedly stabbed his friend, Samir Khan, 21, because the victim recently developed a relationship with Ansari’s estranged ex-girlfriend, newspaper the Times of India reported, citing police.

He then allegedly chopped off Khan’s private parts and stuffed the cut-up pieces in the victim’s mouth.

Before the killing, Ansari warned Khan, the owner of a hotel in Bhiwandi, that there would be dire consequences if he did not stay away from the woman, the city’s crime branch claimed.

Ansari wanted to marry his former partner despite having a dispute with her, police said.

He was infuriated since Khan already had a girlfriend when he started dating Ansari’s ex, Times Now News reported.

It was unclear if Ansari was arrested or charged over the killing, which was solved by Bhiwandi’s crime branch.

A similar incident happened late last month in the state of Andhra Pradesh when a 25-year-old man murdered his friend because the victim kept messaging the man’s girlfriend on social media.

Bodduru Brahmaji beat his neighbor Thorthu Naveen to death with a wood log in Vizianagaram’s Dwarapudi locality on Oct. 24.

The two, both natives of K. L. Puram village, got into a heated argument before the killing over Naveen’s alleged harassment of Brahmaji’s girlfriend, police said.

Naveen used to call and send messages to Brahmaji’s girlfriend through WhatsApp, the alleged killer told authorities.

While Brahmaji’s girlfriend blocked Naveen on her phone and social media, the teen continued to call and send her messages from new numbers.

Brahmaji warned his friend to end the calls and messages as they made his girlfriend unhappy.

However, Naveen did not stop, which resulted in Brahmaji killing his neighbor.

Brahmaji initially attempted to abscond the village, but he confessed to the crime after getting arrested, according to police.

In another similar story from more than a year ago, a man from India’s Gujarat state killed his former best friend after the victim developed a relationship with the man’s ex-girlfriend.

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