A restaurant was being used as a front for an illegal nightclub, according to Miami-Dade police. The raid occurred in October and resulted in eleven people being arrested. They are facing numerous charges for their connection to this illegal operation.

The supposed restaurant was located at 7850 Coral Way in Westchester in Miami-Dade county, Florida. The illegal nightclub had been operating for almost two years.

“There were a lot of young waitresses, they’re the ones that actually distributed the narcotics,” explained Miami-Dade PD Sgt. Eddie Pares, according to CBS Miami.

“This location was in a strip mall. It masqueraded as a restaurant. In reality, it was a nightclub that harbored illegal drug activity and illegal sale of alcohol,” Pares added.

In May of 2022, after police received numerous complaints from “confidential informants,” the Miami-Dade Police Department gang unit initiated their investigation. This investigation included having undercover cops begin visiting the location. 

“It’s an afterhours club. It would begin in the wee hours of the night – one, two in the morning,” said Pares. 

People working early in the area said it was a dangerous place to be. 

“One time we saw a drunk with a gun arguing with another man. We feared a shooting could have possibly occurred here,” Adriana Velazquez told CBS4’s Ivan Taylor. “We feel relieved now.”

One of the individuals arrested was the owner, 37-year-old Dariel Morejon. Also, police managed to confiscate cahs, knives, guns and illegal drugs including cocaine and ecstasy.

Sgt. Pares described how the drugs were allegedly sold to customers. 

“The undercover would ask a waitress… she would go to one of the security guards, they would provide the narcotics and get the money,” said Pares. “Then, the proceeds of that sale would be given to the owner of the establishment.”

In total, six men and five women were arrested. 

The Miami-Dade Police Department is asking the public if they were victims or witnesses of any illegal activity at the nightclub, to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.


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