The horrifying facts of a 36-year-old man who allegedly threatened to bite his victim after grooming, isolating her in a home, and sexually assaulting her over the period of three weeks have come to light. According to Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson, Michael Barajas was detained following the incident involving a 22-year-old lady that lasted for many weeks.

Barajas approached the victim while driving down a Michigan street the week before Thanksgiving. He apparently offered her food, warmth, and a shower after she was just evicted from her home. But Barajas is said to have locked the woman inside when she entered his home. Swanson claims that the doors had locks on them, and the windows were fastened shut, according to a report by WNEM.

Swanson claimed that the victim was trafficked and then held captive inside a room while being bound to a bed. If the victim did not comply with his instructions, Barajas vowed to rip out her throat with his filed-down teeth and bite her neck.

The victim made three attempts to flee. The first time she attempted to run from an open door, she was fired at and dragged back to the house. She was pulled back inside after her second unsuccessful attempt to leave. The third time, the victim reportedly had a medical emergency. According to The US Sun, nurses at Hurley Medical Center treated her and learned that she had been abused.

The nurses contacted GHOST, the Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team, on December 8. Barajas was taken into custody that day and charged on December 11. He is being jailed on a $245,000 bond and faces charges for methamphetamine possession, kidnapping, assault, and first-degree criminal sexual conduct, among other things. The next court appearance for Barajas is set for December 22, 2022.

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