The Cape Coral Police Department responded to a “disturbance in progress” call just after 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday. The woman, later identified as Clarelle Nelson Potter, is assumed to have been drinking at the restaurant and was reportedly “being combative with restaurant employees and was trying to punch them.” 

It is unclear what started the altercation, but apparently, this was only the beginning of the woman’s frenzy. 

“Ms. Potter, in an intoxicated rage, grabbed one of the officers by the back of the neck. Ms. Potter then began slapping the officers’ hands as she was being escorted to a quieter place at the establishment,” said police.

Needless to say, Potter was not being very cooperative. Police continued, “[she] was unwilling to provide officers with her identification and became belligerent screaming profanities and causing a scene at the busy restaurant.” 

While officers placed Potter in handcuffs, “she began kicking officers, striking one with full force in the groin area.” 

Even after being arrested Potter’s “rage” did not seem to subside. Police reported that when en route to the jail, she “claimed that she would ‘kill’ the arresting officers once she was out of handcuffs.”

Police transported Potter to Lee County Jail. She faces several charges including three counts of battery, intimidation (threat of death or serious bodily harm) and disorderly conduct. 

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