Florida deputies arrested a woman early Thursday morning after she admitted to lighting her house on fire, authorities said.

Aunna Allen was booked into the Collier County jail on battery and arson charges. One of Allen’s roommates called 911 after they noticed heavy smoke and flames coming from the suspect’s bedroom, according to her arrest report.

Her roommates told deputies they had all gotten into an argument, Allen physically attacked one of them, and then Allen went into her bedroom. A few minutes later, Allen left her bedroom and said “f**k you all, I’m outta here,” according to the report.

A screengrab of Aunna Allen’s arrest report via Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

One of her roommates said Allen was drunk and that this was normal behavior for her when she had been drinking, documents stated.

Investigators caught up with Allen at the hospital and interviewed her about the fire. When asked about how the fire started, Allen replied, “It was me throwing the cigarette sir… I was just like pissed the f***k off,” according to documents. She allegedly told the deputy interviewing her that she saw the fire “but didn’t care.” She concluded the interview by stating, “I got into a confrontation, I flicked a cigarette, I seen ambers of a small fire, I said ok let it burn, I don’t care, and I kept walking,” according to her arrest report.

During the fire investigation, crews determined the fire was clearly set intentionally. One of the fire detectives confirmed the fire started in a bedroom closet in a pile of clothing and books. A butane lighter was found close by, according to the report. The detective said, “the most probable cause of the fire is the intentional application of a portable heat source to readily available combustible materials (clothing and books) in the closet.”

Further investigation found a 12-year-old, handicapped child was also inside the home asleep at the time of the fire, along with the roommates and several rabbits — all of whom made it out of the house safely, authorities said. The home was deemed a total loss.

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