On Sunday, a man described to have been in a “drunken state” was taken into custody after reportedly urinating on a fellow passenger during an American Airlines flight from New York to Delhi, Hindustan Times reported.

This incident is only the most recent in a bizarre string of shockingly similar events, which Indian media sources have dubbed “pee-gate.”

According to reports, the accused reportedly relieved himself on another individual following an argument.

After the plane landed at Indira Gandhi International, the Central Industrial Security Force apprehended the accused, and both the complainant and the “unruly” passenger were taken to the IGIA police station for further legal action, per Hindustan Times.

The victim is reported to have lodged a formal complaint.

Expressing gratitude to its crew for handling the situation professionally, the airline released a statement.

“American Airlines flight 292 with service from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) was met by local law enforcement upon arrival in DEL due to a disruption on board,” the statement read, according to the report.

“We’re grateful to our crew members who are consistently dedicated to the safety and care of our customers and handled the circumstances with the utmost professionalism.”

The “Pee-Gate” Incidents

In November 2022, the very first “pee-gate” occurred when a drunk man exposed himself and urinated on an elderly woman during an Air India flight from New York to Delhi.

This event stirred quite a controversy as the man reportedly faced no consequences until the woman reported it over a month later.

Air India faced a widely publicized scandal for allegedly not taking action to assist the woman. The situation then escalated as the accused reportedly received support from Delhi Police and, during the court proceedings, argued that the woman actually urinated on herself and that the airline invented a non-existent seat to accuse him of the act.

He was eventually arrested in January and was later released on bail after spending just about a month in jail.

Then, in March, yet another flight from New York to New Delhi faced the same fate when an intoxicated student reportedly urinated on a fellow passenger after repeatedly arguing with the operating crew.

According to reports, the student was permanently banned from flying on American Airlines.

In mid-March, things took a turn from planes to trains when a train ticker checker reportedly urinated on a woman’s head while she was traveling with her husband aboard the Akal Takhat Express ride to the Indian city of Kolkata.

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