Seventeen-year-old Jordan DeMay was a homecoming king, a star athlete and a beloved role model at Marquette Senior High School in Michigan. He was also the victim of what investigators say was an “international sextortion ring” that pushed him to take his life last March.

Disturbing Instagram messages between the teen and an alleged Nigerian scammer, who posed as a teenage girl to extort him, were revealed Wednesday by U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan Mark Totten after a monthslong investigation that led to the indictment of three men.

Samuel Ogoshi, 22, Samson Ogoshi, 20, and Ezekiel Ejehem Robert, 19, all of Lagos, Nigeria, were charged in a four-count indictment for the “sextortion” of DeMay.

According to the indictment, DeMay was sexually extorted on Instagram by the three scammers, who allegedly encouraged DeMay to send explicit photos of himself that were later used to blackmail him for money.

It’s an increasingly common tactic in a crime that is on the rise. Perpetrators often pretend to be someone else, encouraging victims to send sexual messages or photos that are then used to blackmail them, Totten said.

In this case, the scammers allegedly purchased a hacked Instagram account under the handle “dani.robertts” and posed as a teenage girl who chatted to DeMay via DM. At some point, she urge DeMay to send nude photographs.

When DeMay obliged, “dani.robertts,” who prosecutors say was actually Ogoshi, allegedly threatened to send the photos to DeMay’s family and friends.

“All you’ve to do is to cooperate with me and I won’t expose you,” Ogoshi allegedly wrote to DeMay, demanding $1000.

DeMay paid $300 to Ogoshi, the indictment says, but he continued to threaten the teen.

“I’m kms rn [kill myself right now],” DeMay wrote at one point. “Bc of you.”

“Good,” Ogoshi responded in subsequent messages, according to the indictment. “Do that fast. Or I’ll make you do it. I swear to God.”

DeMay died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound after the exchange.

“As parents, we cannot begin to imagine what Jordan went through that night and how scared he was because of this senseless act,” Jennifer Buta, DeMay’s mother, said at a news conference Wednesday announcing the indictment.

Totten revealed that DeMay was just one of many targeted victims in the trio’s global sextortion operation.

“The indictment, which was unsealed this morning, alleges these defendants targeted more than 100 victims, both minors and adults,” Totten said.

The extradition process is underway in collaboration with the Nigerian government, Totten said. He added that the investigation is still ongoing, and more defendants may be charged in the future.

GoFundMe has been organized on behalf of the DeMay family.

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