A family feud turned deadly when a California man drove roughly 11 hours to Utah to murder his estranged brother.

Jeffrey Roberts reportedly drove over 730 miles from his house in Long Beach, California, to his brother’s home in Ogden, Utah. Within minutes of reuniting with his estranged brother, the 66-year-old Roberts murdered Scott Roberts on his own doorstep.

A Ring camera captured the moment that Jeffrey walked up and rang the doorbell at around 7:10 p.m. on April 27, according to KTLA. The 66-year-old could be heard breathing heavily as he walked up the stairs.

Jeffrey kindly greets his brother, “Hey, what’s up?”

Jeffrey asks his brother about their mother, but Scott informs him that their mom now lives in Missouri.

Jeffrey calmly asks, “How long she been there?”

Suddenly, Jeffrey reaches into his inside jacket pocket, pulls out a gun, and fires several shots at his brother. He also shoots his sister-in-law Judi, but she was able to survive her gunshot injuries.

Jeffrey is seen on video making a trip to his vehicle to bring in bags and a shotgun. Investigators said Roberts was armed with a 9mm handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun, 23 loaded magazines, and 150 shotgun shells.

Jeffrey is on the phone with someone, and is heard saying, “Empty my bank account as quick as you can.”

Police said Roberts set his brother’s home on fire with road flares.

After receiving calls from neighbors about possible gunshots being fired, police officers approached the house that already had smoke billowing from it.

Responding officers said that Roberts immediately opened fire on them when they arrived. A firefight erupted and police unleashed a barrage of gunfire. They shot and killed Roberts.

A police officer is heard saying of Roberts on bodycam video, “He’s down. Headshot wound.”

Jodi Roberts is still recovering in the hospital, according to KTVX.

GoFundMe campaign was launched by the daughter of the Utah couple.

“For those of you who don’t know, my dad’s estranged brother showed up at my parents’ house, killed my dad, and set the house on fire,” said the daughter – Kelsey Turner.

“My mom is alive because my dad fought my uncle and told my mom to run,” she added. “Knowing that my dad died a hero is bringing us a small bit of comfort.”

Turner said that “most” of her parents’ house was “destroyed” by the fire that her uncle set.

The campaign had raised more than $40,000 at the time of publication to assist Jodi Roberts.

KCBS-TV spoke to a neighbor in Long Beach, who said the brothers were completely different.

The anonymous woman said of Scott, “He would take the shirt off his back for somebody else that is the kind of person he was.”

However, the woman described Jeffrey as aggressive, violent, arrogant, and entitled.

She added, “It breaks my heart to hear that Scott got killed. Honestly, Jeffrey not so much.”

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