Dale Mooney, a father of two and a devoted New England Patriots season ticket holder, lost his life following an altercation with rowdy Miami Dolphins fans at Gillette Stadium.

The incident occurred in the 300-tier section of the stadium just before 11 pm on Sunday, September 17. Mooney, hailing from Newmarket, New Hampshire, was involved in the altercation and subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

According to the Norfolk County DA’s Office, cops were dispatched in response to reports of medical assistance needed in that section at 10.57 pm, and “the matter remains under active investigation.” 

Emergency services, including EMTs and security personnel, swiftly responded to the scene. Videos and photos from the Massachusetts stadium depict the frantic efforts of medical professionals to revive an individual on the ground, with concerned fans looking on.

Witnesses described the altercation, with one individual, Joseph Kilmartin, labeling it as “hard to watch.” According to Kilmartin, “At one point another Dolphins fan walked over. He punched him three times, and the man just went out. It was pretty hard to watch,” as per WCVB

Other witnesses shared similar accounts of the incident, deeming it “brutal” and expressing their shock and sympathy for Mooney’s family. “One word I can really use is shocking,” one bystander said. “My thoughts go out to that man’s family. It’s awful what happened,” another person commented.

The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that the investigation into Mooney’s death was proceeding according to “normal protocol,” with an autopsy scheduled to be conducted in the coming days. At this time, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

Mooney’s devastated wife, Lisa Mooney, expressed her disbelief and grief, emphasizing that she felt “numb” upon learning of her husband’s death. Mooney had been a dedicated Patriots season ticket holder for thirty years, and Lisa questioned why a simple sporting event couldn’t remain enjoyable without such tragic consequences.

Devastated wife Lisa Mooney said she felt 'numb' after hearing the horrific news about her husband's death (Handout)
Lisa Mooney said she felt ‘numb’ after hearing the horrific news about her husband’s death

“I just feel numb I can’t even believe this is for real,” Lisa told the outlet. “I don’t understand why people have to go to that extreme. Why can’t it just be fun, that’s all it’s supposed to be, just a fun family event.”

She also highlighted that her husband had no known medical conditions that could lead to fainting and described him as a person who “has the patience of a saint.” “I don’t know what happened… it takes a lot to get him mad,” she said.


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