The suspect who was arrested for his alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of a driver in the northwestern section of Miami was the same culprit behind a spate of governmental vehicle thefts including a city transit bus and a fire rescue truck.

Lekambrick Hanna, 32, was in court on Sunday for multiple cases, including charges of second-degree murder after allegedly walking up to a Buick parked in front of his home in the area of Northwest 143rd Street and 16th Street, Miami, FL, and firing multiple shots into the car which left the driver dead and the passenger critically injured, according to WSVN.

“It was rapid, just nonstop,” an unidentified eyewitness said to the local news station at the scene on Saturday. “It was broad daylight, you know? Like, hearing gunshots, it’s nerve-racking.”

Hanna was nabbed a short time later after his sister gave him up to the police, according to an arrest report for the shooting.

The shooting suspect also faced charges for an incident on Friday evening, where he allegedly swiped a city-operated transit bus.

Police say Hanna hopped behind the wheel of a parked Miami-Dade Transit Bus as the driver was taking a break near the Stephen P. Clark Government Center on First Street. He then drove off, eventually ditching the large bus in the middle of downtown traffic near Whole Foods on Third Street.

The suspect is also facing charges of attempted second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

He is currently being held without bond in West Miami-Dade’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Hanna is also linked to an incident that occurred in May when he allegedly stole a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue truck and led police officers from several departments in a chase through three counties before being nabbed near Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County, according to a report from WSVN.

When he went before a judge in May, Hanna raised his hand to say that he had the proper license to operate a vehicle of that size.

“I got CDLs, if that counts,” he said, using an appreciation for a commercial driver’s license.

Family members told WSVN at the time that Hanna suffers from mental illness issues and have been making efforts to get him proper treatment.

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