An Alaska woman who allegedly told police she wanted to become a serial killer since she was a child was charged with murder for allegedly strangling two men in one day.

Brianna Star Wassillie, who is homeless, was charged with the July 3 slayings that included choking one victim with the strings of his own hoodie, the Anchorage Daily News reported, citing a police complaint.

Wassillie admitted to detectives that she aspired to be a serial killer long before launching the attacks, a prosecutor said Tuesday in court.

“…She had repeatedly wondered what it would be like to take a life,” Anchorage Assistant District Attorney Alice Curci said during the court hearing.

“She admitted to killing several animals over the years — torturing them and taking videos of this.”

Initially, Wassillie had beaten up 34-year-old Gregory Pitka in a parking lot because the victim refused to steal her alcohol. She later returned to allegedly choke him to death.

Following his death, she sexually assaulted Pitka and then covered his body with a blanket before leaving, the complaint states.

Later that same day, Wassillie found her second victim, Travis Sheldon, in the woods and shared a beer with him before taking it away. She then allegedly strangled him as well, the prosecutor said.

“And when Travis Sheldon lost consciousness, the defendant picked up a rock – in her owns words ‘to get it done,’” Curci said, according to the Anchorage Daily News. “She hit him on the head with a rock several times and Travis Sheldon died.”

Wassillie, who has no criminal history in the state, was linked to the murders after authorities found a letter with Pitka’s ID behind a Walmart in South Anchorage that described killing and sexually assaulting a man, authorities said.

Wassillie admitted to the murder when brought to police headquarters. It’s unclear if the alleged killer knew her victims.

A judge set her bail for $1 million on Tuesday.

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