Footage shows the moment a car plowed into a crowd on Daytona Beach, leaving five hospitalized including a child.

The driver crashed into a toll booth on Sunday and struck a child in the water, according to local reports.

The other four people, who were taken to the hospital as a precaution, were in the vehicle that crashed.

Dramatic footage captured the chaos with one woman heard screaming: “My baby, my baby.” 

The toll booth was not occupied when the white Nissan Altima smashed into the structure and drove into the ocean.

“I was standing right beside it, buddy. I was standing right beside it. It took off straight beside us. It was a good 80 to 90 miles per hour,” Richie DeLagarza told Spectrum News.

“It didn’t slow down. Everybody was running like something serious has happened.”

The car, carrying two children, an adult woman, and a male driver, wound up in the water.

They struggled to escape.

“I heard a giant crash. I mean I thought it was either a firework that went off or I mean something bad just happened,” Jake Lofland told Click Orlando, referring to the tollbooth crashing.

“It was going like 40 miles per hour, and it obliterated the toll booth and came barreling all the way through. People were dodging left and right to get out of the way,” Nicole Mathis said to the outlet.

Mathis, Lofland and his wife, Shannon, tried to rescue the people in the car, pushing it out of the waves and onto the beach.

“Our son was in the water so I took off calling his name and I took off to the water,” said Shannon Lofland.

They then worked to push the car out of the waves and back onto the beach and get the family out of the car.

They struggled to escape.

“The car was just back and forth and it kept hitting us. It was dangerous and Nicole was saying roll down the window, you have to come out the window,” said Shannon.

Eventually they got the two girls and adult woman out of the car.

They all said the driver was unconscious but came to and was treated by lifeguards.

Apparently, the man told the other passengers that he felt like he was going to have a seizure, at first, they thought he was joking but it was not a joke. The man became unresponsive and unable to control the car as it went down the beach.

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