Horror details are emerging about the brutal torture of a 12-year-old who was held captive for a week before her mom and brother were found dismembered.

Police in Alabama said that the child chewed her way out of restraints to escape, which led police to discover the bodies.

The girl was restrained to bedposts for about a week beginning July 24, according to a complaint filed in court.

The document obtained by CBS News alleges that she was abducted from an undisclosed location and restrained to the bed so she could be sexually abused.

The other two victims, Sandra Vazquez Ceja and her son, were killed around the time of the alleged abduction, according to the outlet.

José Paulino Pascual-Reyes, 37, is now charged with first-degree kidnapping in addition to capital murder and corpse abuse in the deaths of the mother and boy, who was under 14 years old.

Family’s mobile home

The girl was allegedly kept in a “drugged state” with alcohol and hit in the head, according to CBS News.

She was found with damaged braces and marks on her wrists, walking by the side of the road in Tallapoosa County, Alabama on August 1.

A driver picked her up and called the police, who then discovered the bodies.

“She is safe now, and so we want to keep her that way,” Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett said.

According to arrest warrants obtained by CBS affiliate WRBL, police allege that Reyes killed and smothered his girlfriend, Ceja, with a pillow.

He allegedly killed her son by striking him with his hands and feet.

The bodies were found in a mobile home and had been cut into small pieces, authorities said.

It’s not known how long the bodies were inside the home.

According to the court documents, Ceja, 29, used an address that matched the location of the mobile home when she got traffic tickets for speeding and driving without a license in April.

The records did not reveal a defense attorney for Pascual-Reyes.

He is being held in the Tallapoosa County Jail.

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