According to reports, the elderly woman hired Robert Criswell, 39, Kyle Dover, 28, and Hunter Hammitt, 23, for tree work and hanging shutters on her property. The men allegedly defrauded the woman out of $118,000 when she wrote them as many as 33 checks for work to be done.

In some cases, the hired men reportedly followed the elderly woman to the bank for their cash.

After the job, reports stated that trees and shrubs were left on the victim’s property, and the shutters were not fully attached.

According to a press release obtained, the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “Trailers filled with pine straw, rogue tree surgeons and traveling paving companies will often exaggerate damage and embellish their skill level to give hope to victims who might only need small repairs.”

The press release continued, “In return for little or no work being done, these scammers often drive away with small fortunes.”

Investigators believed the suspects were living at a campsite approximately 10 minutes from the woman’s home. Authorities followed the suspects to the campsite, and they were arrested on Wednesday, Aug. 10, WSB-TV reports.

Criswell and Dover were charged with exploitation of the elderly and theft by deception, records show. Hammitt was charged with exploitation of the elderly, theft by deception, and probation violation.

Criswell and Dover remain held on $15,000 bond, while Hammitt remains held without bond, WSB reports.

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