Julian Falkinburg, 21, and Joel O’Grady, 38, were arrested after they had assaulted a man during a wedding celebration at Daytona Beach in Volusia County, Florida, on September 3. The victim, Tyler Kaltenbach, 36, has sustained critical injuries on his face. 

The pair were taken into custody on September 9 as Falkinburg posted a $50,000 bail while his father, O’Grady, posted one for $100,000, reports show. The police have restricted any communication with Kaltenbach as part of their release terms. The reason for this incident is yet to be determined as Volusia County Sheriff’s office have confirmed that they have been taken into custody at Daytona Police Department for further investigation. Some reports suggest that the father and son knew Kaltenbach before the incident as the authorities try to attach all the related links together.

A 911 call said Kaltenbach was on the ground at the wedding location and desperately trying to stay alive. Both O’Grady and Falkinburg, according to a news statement from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, have “extensive violent criminal histories.” Sheriff Mike Chitwood of Volusia County stated that a murder could have been committed during the event. “Somebody could have ended up with significant brain damage. We hear about these things all the time,” Chitwood said. He also added: “This has to be our first father and son SCUMBAG OF THE WEEK post, but they earned it. Not just kicking a man when he’s down – but when he’s unconscious,” through a post on Facebook.

An attorney claims that Kaltenbach will need facial reconstruction surgery and that his rehabilitation will be difficult after the emergency officers found him clinging to his life on the floor. On top of that, additional trauma and mental health issues are yet to be taken into consideration as the victim is being treated under extreme care by medical officers. One of the serious injuries includes a broken cheekbone, highlighted by family attorney Sara Howelles as she said, “Dental work is going to be extensive. All of his upper teeth were kicked out, as well as many of his lower teeth.”

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