Eugene Grinnell, 40, was attacked on Dec. 26 outside a home in the 800 block of Mantis Way, near East Washington Avenue and North Pecos Road.

According to Metropolitan Police Department arrest reports, Grinnell was battered and had his head stomped in a violent attack allegedly perpetrated by the brothers, identified as Adam Deeg and Daniel Deeg, with four others also participating although it wasn’t clear if any of those other people were arrested.

Daniel Deeg, 42, was taken into custody on Dec. 27 while Adam Deeg, 37, was arrested on Jan. 18, according to Clark County jail records.

Both had been living at a Las Vegas transitional home for men, the police documents say.

The attack on Grinnell came after an earlier incident in which he appeared to try to break up a fight in which his mother was punched and suffered a black eye, but details of that apparent dispute were unclear because information in the arrest reports was redacted.

At some point later, according to the arrest reports, Grinnell’s mother, as well as other witnesses, saw a group of people around Grinnell, with Grinnell’s head being stomped.

Grinnell was taken to University Medical Center, where he died of his injuries on Dec. 28.

The Deegs each face charges of open murder, according to court records.

Daniel Deeg, who also faces charges of conspiracy to commit theft as well as battery resulting substantial bodily harm, has a preliminary hearing set for Feb. 6, while Adam Deeg has a preliminary hearing set for Feb. 9, court records show.

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