Samson Price, 48, allegedly attempted to kill Patrick Brown in the “eye for an eye” attack outside a gym in Cheshire, UK.

Price had stalked Brown with a tracker for days because he blamed him for the death of his son Samson Jr., 18, who had drowned in a pond in Wigan, England, UK in October 2020.

He lay in wait for Brown outside the PureGym in September 2021 and rained five to six blows with a machete on his body in broad daylight, Chester Crown Court heard.

Brown, who was 20 at the time of the attack, was “millimeters from bleeding to death” but was saved by “sheer luck” and very prompt medical treatment after horrified gym users called the emergency services.

Father-of-two Price was furious that Brown, who was 19 at the time, and two others were not charged with murder after Samson’s death.

They had been arrested on suspicion of murder after the friends had gone to a lake called Westwood Flash in Wigan to take the hallucinogenic drug LSD.

The jury was told that Brown said they had been camping and Samson Price Jr. had started behaving strangely and had gone missing. Unfortunately, Prince Jr. was later found drowned in the lake.

The jury was told that no charges were brought and police told the Price family in March 2021 that Samson’s death was an accident which left the family “very angry”.

Prosecutor Simon Mills told the court: “This was a pre-planned attack on Brown as he came out of the gym where Price Sr. had been waiting with his weapon concealed on his person.”

“He came very close to achieving his aim of killing Patrick Brown. He inflicted numerous blows to his head, face, back and arms. He may well have thought that he had done enough to kill Patrick Brown.”

After the attack, he ran off and remained at large for three weeks before eventually turned himself in at a local police station.

“The defendant had a motive to carry out this deadly attack. He blames Patrick Brown for the death of his son and he was angry that the police did not prosecute him over it. The prosecution contends that this was a case of an eye for an eye.”

Price accepts attacking Brown but denies he intended to kill him.

He has admitted grievous bodily harm with intent but has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, but the plea is not accepted by the prosecution.

Mills stated that Price and his wife Rosanna had “made it clear to the police that they considered the people who had been arrested were responsible for their son’s death”.

He said that the “understandable grief and raw emotion of a grieving mother and father” were shown in messages the couple had exchanged in the weeks before the attack.

Price told his wife that he considered himself to have died after his son’s death.

He wrote: “These feelings are hardest to deal with. Nothing will bring him back. It’s the senselessness, the unfairness and the injustice of it.”

His wife wrote: “We should be rowing and worrying about him going to all these festivals. I cannot get it into my head that he is not here and I will never hear his voice.”

Price added: “We have nothing left to look forward to. I consider myself to have died with Samson and I honestly don’t care what happens to me any more.”

His wife tried “to pull him round ” by reminding him that their daughter Atlanta needed him.

Price replied: “I am not going to harm myself. I will most likely try to harm others. I don’t think I can handle the anniversary. I can’t see me coping with that. Not that.”

The trial is ongoing…

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