Nine children were removed from a foster care home in Florida that has been shut down after an investigation into allegations of sexual assault were made.

According to Clearwater police, security cameras showed some of the foster children attempting to run away on Feb. 13.

“Anytime you have any nature of an allegation where a child is a victim it’s taken with the caution and taken very serious,” said Clearwater Police Chief Dan Slaughter.

According to Slaughter, the Clearwater police assisted child protective investigators in shutting down the foster home, located in the Clearwater Bay neighborhood and secured some of the kids who didn’t want to go.

“Fortunately, we were able to get everybody together able to get everybody corralled and get to the bottom of what’s going on,” the chief said.

According to police, there were as many as six case workers at the home. Cops found some of the kids by the water near Bayview Park before they were taken to other foster care facilities.

According to police, officers went to the foster home three days prior for a child welfare investigation. Police did not detail the actions that took place.

“The heinous allegations in this case are troubling and upon learning of the allegations the Department took immediate action. We are working with law enforcement, and will ensure a full investigation will take place,” the department stated.

“The Department is launching a review of the licensing process and related concerns of this home with our contracted providers, as well as our own internal processes. This is in addition to the standard investigations conducted by the Department concerning any allegation of abuse, neglect or abandonment.”

According to News Channel 8, a foster mom denied that the facility was closed down and refuted that the children had been taken from the home. She told the outlet that police were conducting a fraud investigation, but she didn’t go into detail.

No one has been charged in connection to the allegations thus far

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