Two teenagers who killed a baby and wounded three passengers after stealing a car and crashing it have been charged with just a ‘misdemeanour’.

The boys, aged 14 and 17, stole a Hyundai Sonata and sped down the road where they sped through an intersection before colliding with a pickup truck which was travelling southbound.

Inside the pickup truck was an adult woman, 34, and three children aged 15, seven and just six months.

The six month old, named as Cristian Uvidia, died of his injuries, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed. The other three passengers, believed to be his mother and two sisters, were treated at the nearby Stroger Hospital, according to police.

GoFundMe created by family member Annelisse Rivera, has said the family are “devastated” and “broken.”

Talking about the crash, which took place in Chicago, US, on the fundraising page, she said: “In that moment, our lives were [altered] forever. Our sweet boy Cristian, or as we call him at home ‘Cristiansito’, life was cut short at just six months.

“He suffered from an impact that fractured his skull, causing his brain to swell and eventually killing him.”

She went on to say: “We will miss his sweet smile, as he was a joy to everyone that he met.”

Another GoFundMe page started by a friend of the family said baby Cristian died “after suffering a brain hemorrhage from the car crash”.

The teenage boys are facing only misdemeanour charges, and have each been charged with one misdemeanor count of criminal trespassing in relation to the crash in Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighbourhood, according to Chicago Police.

The two boys sped down on West Washington Road and hit the truck on North Kostner Avenue, at around 5pm on April 16.

However, the investigation is ongoing and charges against the teens could be upgraded after police complete their investigation. As of Sunday, April 23, a Chicago police spokesperson told the New York Post that no further charges have been brought against the teenagers.

In an interview with Fox32 Chicago, Rivera called the misdemeanor charges “disheartening”.

“Your however-minutes-long joyride ruined our life completely,” she said.

Two other teenagers were reportedly inside the stolen car, however they have not been charged.

The crash was caught on surveillance video by Shawn Walker, a local resident. He told Fox News 32: “The baby wasn’t breathing, so we started doing CPR.

“My main thing was so we could get a pulse back into the baby.”

His video cameras saw the Ford pickup truck driving northbound before being struck by the Hyundai. The Hyundai came to rest at a lamp post, while the truck reportedly went head on into a large tree.

The family of Cristian told Fox32 he had just turned six months old the day before the crash.

Firefighter crews were called to the scene to try and get the family out of the smashed up truck, then paramedics rushed them to hospital in serious to critical conditions.

Police spent more than four hours at the scene checking video and speaking to witnesses.

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