John Owen, 45, faces jail after admitting dangerous driving today in relation to the crash in Norton Green, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Owen will most likely serve time in prison because the case is so tragic.

Owens was driving recklessly, mounted the pavement, and collided with Sharlotte-Sky Naglis as she walked with her dad on June 19 last year.

A psychiatrist had been instructed to assess Owen’s mental health ahead of his plea hearing today at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Judge Graeme Smith told the driver, from Oakamoor, Staffordshire, England, that the situation was a “particularly tragic case”. 

The judge continued: “You have pleaded guilty. You will receive the appropriate credit for pleading guilty without a trial. The guilty plea will come as a relief to members of Sharlotte’s family, without doubt. Cases of this nature are tragic, and this is a particularly tragic case for a number of reasons.”

“You will be sentenced on October 4. It is inevitable that you will serve time in prison, the only issue is how long that sentence will be.”

Owen was granted bail until October 4, and Judge Smith ordered a pre-sentence report.

John Owens, Driver

Sharlotte-Sky loved gymnastics and wanted to become a doctor when she grew up.

Speaking after the tragedy last year, the Principal of St Anne’s Primary School, Edward Hobson said: “Sharlotte touched everyone’s hearts with her personality and beautiful smile. As a school, we have discussed what we most remember about Sharlotte and undoubtedly agreed it was her love for life and happy, loving nature.”

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