A court in San Antonio, Texas has handed down a whopping prison sentence of 25 years behind bars to the man after video footage showed him hurting his dog.

According to KENS 5, the incident which took place in February 2019, showed 56-year-old Frank Javier Fonesca ‘punching and kicking’ his Rottweiler dog just outside his home.

He was seen hitting the dog with his fists, as well as striking it with a piece of wood while also choking and kicking it.

Investigators from Animal Care Services say Fonesca was punishing his dog for managing to get out of his yard.

The video of the attack was taken by a stranger who was passing by and spotted the man beating his dog.

They were described as an ‘anonymous Good Samaritan’ for their part in identifying the incident of animal cruelty and getting footage which revealed the man’s crime.

While animal cruelty is a despicable act and attacking a dog that depends on you for survival is cruel, 25 years in prison may seem like a long sentence to hand down.

However, the city of San Antonio said that Fonesca’s prior convictions allowed him to receive a harsher sentence.

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Department wrote that the man’s previous offences include possession of drugs and crimes of retaliation.

Nevertheless, it is the longest ever sentence the state of Texas has handed down in the case of animal cruelty.

The man’s pet dog, a Rottweiler named Buddy, has since recovered from his injuries and found a new adoptive family to take him in and care for him.

Let’s hope they treat him better than his last owner, especially since they could land themselves in prison for two and a half decades if caught hurting him.

As for Fonesca, he’ll have to stay on good behavior if he wants to get out of prison before he’s 80 years old.

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