A terrible quarrel broke out between two women inside Bodega on Saturday, August 27, during which they hit each other and pulled at their wigs. This eventually led to the hit-and-run death of a disabled man, Milton Storch, 59. He was run over by one of the attackers, who drove onto the sidewalk to run over the other woman with her car.

The events were recorded by surveillance cameras. The scenes inside and outside the store can be seen in the video. The feud began with a war of words and then escalated to a physical attack.

According to reports, Storch was sitting on his walker outside the Rohan Deli at 601 Beach 20 Street in Far Rockaway. He was enjoying the morning sun at 7 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, when he was brutally run over during a heated argument between the two women. The video shows the argument began at the potato chip display in front of Bodega. A 26-year-old woman can be seen wearing sports shorts, a black tank top, and a red wig. She was yelling at the other woman. The other woman was found wearing a yellow fluorescent onesie. The 27-year-old woman was about to leave. However, the other woman was unwilling to calm down.

As the woman in the black top was about to leave, the woman in yellow pulls on the woman’s bag and follows her out of the store.  As they step out, the video shows Storch sitting on his walker. Later, the duo gets into an argument and engages in throwing windmill punches at each other. However, the shorter woman pulls the red wig off her foe. This triggers the other female and she heads to a black Honda parked outside the shop. The aggression steams up and then one of them gets into the driver’s side of the car. She then starts throwing punches through the window.

Though many of the witnesses tried to solve the fight, their attempts were futile. The 27-year-old woman then started the car and later takes a step back and gets into the sidewalk. However, Storch was looking at the other side and only saw the woman driving down the sidewalk at the last moment. Storch lived close to the shop and often hung out in the area. One of Storch’s neighbors, Jose Rodriguez, told reporters, that Storch suffered from limited movement due to a build-up of fat in his legs and had to use the walker to get around. The woman who hit Storch is still not found by the police, another man also got injured in the incident, but is said to be recovering. Storch was pronounced ‘dead’ by the time he was taken to the hospital. 

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