A 66-year-old man died when his 70-year-old landlord ran him over, tied him to his vehicle’s bumper and dragged him half a mile, Nevada sheriff’s officials said.

Deputies responding to reports of a body beside the road Tuesday, Sept. 6, found Frank Brink dead, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said in a video news release.

A trail of blood and clothes led the deputies a half-mile to property owned by William Stanley, who was Brink’s landlord, the release said.

“The investigation revealed that Stanley and Brink had gotten into an argument and Stanley had run Brink over with his vehicle at the property,” said Capt. David Boruchowitz in the release. “He subsequently tied Brink to his vehicle and dragged him to the location where he was ultimately found by deputies.” Stanley tied Brink to the bumper of his vehicle”, officials stated in the report.

Investigators arrested Stanley on murder charges, sheriff’s officials said.

Further details have not been released at this time.

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