Aurora Police Department (APD) is searching for a suspect wanted in connection to a shooting that left four people dead.

The shooting happened early Sunday morning near 10th Avenue and North Geneva Street. Police identified the suspect as 21-year-old Joseph Castorena. He is described as 5 feet 4 inches tall, with a slim build and a lion tattoo on his neck.

According to APD, a call came in from the suspect’s partner, who was unharmed and is safe. Two young children who were inside the home are also safe, police said. 

A family member related to three of the victims said Castorena broke into their home and waited with a gun for them to return from a party. 

According to Ubaldo Codina, the victims were Jesus Serrano, Jesus’ daughter Mariana Serrano and her husband, Ken. Codina is Mariana’s uncle.

When a man who rented an RV on the property came outside in the midst of the shooting, Cordina said, Castorena shot the renter too. Castorena’s partner, who is Mariana’s twin sister, survived. 

“He told her he was going to kill her too,” Codina said. “But he ran out of bullets.”

Codina said the two children found safe in the home are Mariana and Ken’s now-orphaned daughters — one is just over a year old, and the other is three months old.

“Right now, everyone is devastated,” Codina said. “They were great people. They were workaholics, they would work hard so they could get the best for the kids. Jesus was a great parent. He was always there for them.”

According to Castorena’s criminal record, he has previously been arrested for felony child abuse, failure to appear for multiple court hearings including one for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and for violating court orders.

Aurora Police confirmed Castorena has a history of domestic violence. 

“Earlier this week, a restraining order had been issued directing the suspect not to go to the residence or to approach the domestic partner,” Interim Police Chief Dan Oates said at a press conference Sunday morning.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen the suspect or have knowledge of his location to call 911.

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