A mother, a grandmother, and a man were arrested after allegedly locking a teenager in a bedroom for more than a year with scarce food and a bucket to use as a restroom.

According to KLAS-TV, on Nov. 4, North Las Vegas Police officers responded to a home to a report of a teenager who was “trying to use a ladder to climb” into her residence. The victim allegedly went into the neighbor’s backyard seeking food and water, and then she tried to climb back into her room.

In a report obtained by KVVU-TV, the North Las Vegas Police Department said the victim “claimed her parents had locked her in her bedroom and did not feed her or let her use the bathroom.” The girl reportedly told police she had not eaten since the night before and that she was only given food or water when her mother, Addy Gonzales, would come home.

When officers arrived at the home, Gonzales reportedly would not let them in.

Eventually, police searched the room and noticed there was a bucket filled with urine and stool, KVVU reports. Additionally, there was just a box spring and a bed frame with a sheet instead of a real bed.

There was also a 13-year-old boy allegedly living in the home.

Police told KLAS that the victim said the room “did not have a knob, but only had a deadbolt lock which required a key for both sides to unlock, which she did not have.”

According to KLAS, Gonzales, Maria Pasarin, later identified as the victim’s grandmother, and Daniel Omezcua were arrested and each faces charges of child abuse and false imprisonment.

Previously, Child Protective Services reportedly received multiple reports against the family, but none were substantiated.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 21.

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