An Indiana man was angry that his ex-girlfriend had moved on from him. That’s why he tortured an killed her with their child nearby on Thanksgiving Day in 2020.

Now, he’ll spend 62 years in prison.

Chrisopher Eugene Allison, 37, was sentenced last month after pleading guilty to the November 2020 killing of 27-year-old Mary A. Grubb, according to the Muncie Star Press.

Allison reportedly had no remorse for the killing as he explained the killing to a probation officer by saying “S*** happens.” Judge Thomas Cannon Jr. described Allison’s actions those of a “callous, sadistic killer,” the Muncie Star Press reported.

According to Fox 59, Allison was jealous that Grubb was in a relationship with someone else and was angry that she was “keeping their daughter from him.” According to court documents, Grubb went to Allison’s home on East 25th Street so he could visit with his daughter.

There, court documents state, according to Fox 59, Allison dragged Grubb into the bathroom and strangled her with his belt. He reportedly let up twice to allow her to regain consciousness as he read her text messages she had to her new lover. Then he killed her.

After, according to Fox 59, Allison wrapped Grubb’s body up and put it in the bed of a pickup truck at the Water Bowl recreational facility located on North Old State Road 3 in Muncie. Police say Grubb had severe injuries to her throat and head.

Fox 59 reported that a witness who provided key information recorded a video conversation in which Allison said, “They’re not going to find her,” and shared it with investigators. According to court documents, during that conversation Allison talked about different stories he could tell police so they wouldn’t find out he did it.

According to Fox 59, Allison denied killing Grubb while speaking to police. However, once he was confronted with the recording, he stopped cooperating.

Deputy prosecutor Doug Mawhorr said that Allison believe that “if he could not have Mary, no one could have her,” according to the Muncie Star Press. “It’s all about him,” Mawhorr said, adding that the defendant had “effectively made (his daughter) an orphan.”

In exchange for his plea, charges of strangulation, attempted murder, obstruction of justice and intimidation were dismissed. The Muncie Star Press reported that Allison said he wanted to “apologize for all the harm I’ve caused everybody.”

That drew commotion from people in the courtroom as one said loudly for Allison to “shut up,” according to the Muncie Star Press. Grubb’s sister testified and called Allison an “evil, narcissistic sociopath.”

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