What a drag!

Wild surveillance footage caught a brazen bag bandit casually strolling out of a Florida store unchallenged despite having so much loot he had to drag it behind him.

Security footage at a Miami-area Burlington shows the crook walking out unchallenged despite pulling seemingly dozens of handbags and purses either tangled up together or stuffed in other makeshift bags.

The astonishing scene came on Black Friday — but somehow appeared to get missed until Tuesday, when Hialeah police said the $5,000 raid was finally reported.

Detectives then found further shocking footage of the thief at work inside the store, again going unchallenged and seemingly unseen as he snatches up as many items as possible.

It showed him stuffing purses into what looked like blankets he tied up around it — as well as down his pants, which repeatedly sag from the weight of his hefty haul.

Hialeah Police Sgt. Jose Torres told WPLG on Wednesday that the force has “a saturation of officers out there” looking for the “very brazen thief” who was able to drive off with his hide-to-hide haul



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