A couple’s evil plot to stab a dog breeder in revenge for selling them a puppy which died has landed them in jail.

Michael Kingston and girlfriend Chelsea Rees had planned to attack puppy breeder Hayley Stoker – but when Rees fell asleep, her boyfriend left without her.

Kingston plunged a knife into Miss Stoker’s throat after turning up at her home in Swansea on August 22 of this year.

A court later heard Rees had wanted to stab their victim 13 times – one for each puppy in the litter they had bought from earlier that month.

The couple have both been jailed for five years for the plot, which left Miss Stoker seriously injured but thankfully alive.

Kingston, 31, and Rees had bought three puppies from the litter of 13 in August, costing a total of £2,450.Chelsea Rees fell asleep and missed the stabbing, but boyfriend Michael Kingston went without her (


But within days one of the pups had fallen ill and the pair contacted Miss Stoker requesting help with the vet’s bill only to find the seller was away in Birmingham, Wales Online reports.

Georgia Donoghue, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court that the puppy had died the following day – with Kingston claiming the poor creature’s stomach had ‘exploded’ – with both blaming the breeder for the tragedy.

Miss Stoker however had been adamant the puppy was healthy when she sold it.

But after returning home to Wales, the victim received a knock on her door.

Answering to find Kingston, she later reported seeing him reach into his pocket before he “thumped” her in the throat, something which caused her to stumble backwards and put her hands to her neck.

Miss Stoker then saw a “silver” object in Kingston’s hand and when she removed her hands from her throat she saw they were covered in blood.

The victim managed to close her front door and call 999. Police rushed to the scene, finding the victim with a knife wound to her throat.

The court heard that the following day police were told Rees had been heard by friends threatening to stab Miss Stoker in the stomach and try to kill her.

Rees was subsequently found in an intoxicated state at a local park, carrying a suitcase containing clothes and three knives.

She later said she wanted to “finish off” Miss Stoker.

Kingston later told police he had gone to the house to stab Miss Stoker because one of the puppies had died due to her breeding, adding he had waited until it was dark to knock on the door because he didn’t want any children living nearby to see.

He told police: “It’s not fair – she was not feeling the same pain as the dogs did”.

Rees meanwhile told cops she thought the puppies they had bought had been “in-bred” and one had died while the other two had to be put down, and that her feelings had then “boiled over”.

She said she wanted their victim to “scream in pain” as she was stabbed 13 times – one for each puppy in the litter – adding: “I hope she is hurting; I hope she is in pain.”

She told officers she had fallen asleep and so had missed the actual attack but had been “glad” to find out Kingston had carried out the attack.

In a statement read out in court, Miss Stoker said she was now “living in a world of fear”, suffering with anxiety, and feeling “alone and isolated”.

Kingston, 31, of Brunswick Street, Swansea, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm with intent, inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent, and possession of a bladed article when he appeared in the dock for sentencing.

Chelsea Rees, 26, of Pedrog Terrace, Swansea, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm with intent, making threats to kill, and possession of bladed articles.

John Allchurch, for Kingston, said though the defendant had not expressed any remorse during interview they were his instructions that his client was now expressing such a sentiment. He said Kingston had mental health issues, and had spent time in Swansea’s Cefn Coed Hospital.

Andrew Evans, for Rees, accepted the pre-sentence report on his client made “disturbing reading”. He said the defendant had grown up in care from the age of three, and later turned to drink and drugs as a result of “traumatic experiences” in childhood. He said Rees was an intelligent young lady and was seeking answers to explain why she had lived her life in the way she had so far.

Judge Geraint Walters said it was clear the defendants had agreed upon a “revenge attack” on the dog breeder as they believed she was responsible for what happened to their puppies, and that they had intended to cause the woman grievous bodily harm.

He said Kingston had then drunk alcohol for “Dutch courage” before carrying out the attack while Rees had fallen asleep and so missed the incident itself.

Kingston and Rees were sentenced to a total of five years in prison.

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