More than 30 dangerous inmates have reportedly escaped from the CERESO State Three prison in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Prison guards opened the doors to greet visitors when they were ambushed by a gang of armed men who opened fire.

The thugs reportedly arrived on six armoured trucks to stage the dramatic jailbreak before bursting inside.

They are believed to have helped a string of terrifying inmates break free while killing ten guards who tried to stop them.

Authorities said up to 30 convicts are thought to have escaped from their cells after chaos erupted inside the prison.

Cops promptly set up road blocks in the surrounding area of the prison in an attempt to trap the escapees.

An explosive riot is said to have ensued as caged inmates took advantage of the ambush, leaving four prisoners dead.

News reports claimed that cons started fires in some areas of the hellhole prison.

Locals reported hearing a hail of gunfire from 5am until around noon as soldiers stormed the prison to return order.

The State Investigation Agency and the Ninth Motorized Cavalry Regiment are believed to have responded to the incident.

The teams are now believed to have secured all areas of the prison as they tally up the number of missing inmates.

A huge manhunt is now underway to round up the elusive prisoners.

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat are reportedly conducting several raids on local homes as they hunt the gang who orchestrated the breakout.

Some of the suspects are said to have already been apprehended.

The Chihuahua Prosecutor’s Office reassured residents the situation was “under control” in a statement.

A spokesman said: “The State Attorney General’s Office reports that the situation at the Social Readaptation Center No. 3 in Ciudad Juárez is currently under control, for which reason investigations have begun to determine the balance of what happened.

“Personnel from the Mexican Army, the National Guard, the State Public Security Secretariat and the State Investigation Agency, collaborate with the State Attorney General’s Office to restore tranquility in Cereso.”

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