A 19-year-old who was shot by his Uber driver in Hollywood back in November has died.

Miles McGlashan had been on life support since the incident. He was taken off the machine on Thursday and died Thursday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

He had been at Memorial Regional Hospital for 71 days.

The Uber driver claimed self-defense, but many, including the driver’s own acquaintances, say that is likely not the case.

A single bullet pierced McGlashan’s right lung, kidney and liver.

“I just want my son to get better,” said April McGlashan just days ago as her only child continued to fight for his life.

Over 70 days after her son was shot, she still has no specifics as to why it happened.

“The only conversations I have had with the detective, he has been defensive about me asking the questions that any normal parent would ask,” she said.

“We should have some answers at this point,” added family attorney David Kubiliun.

Hollywood police released a heavily redacted report to Local 10 News and refused to identify the Uber driver who shot McGlashan, claiming the investigation is ongoing.

Despite that, Local 10 learned that the Uber driver who pulled the trigger and killed McGlashan, his passenger, on Nov. 9 on Park Road across from TY Park, is 51-year-old Christopher Bernadel.

Local 10 News Investigative Reporter Jeff Weinsier approached Bernadel and asked him several questions about the shooting.

“Why would you shoot him? What did he possibly do to you?” Weinsier asked. “You are twice the size of him. Can you tell us what he did? What could he have possibly done to make you feel like your life was in danger?”

Bernadel refused to answer any questions.

Hollywood police said there was an argument over a drop-off location.

McGlashan, a Barry University criminal justice major with no criminal record, was on his way to visit his grandparents. He had exited the car and apparently slammed the door. Bernadel got out and an argument apparently ensued.

Bernadel fired one shot.

Police called McGlashan the aggressor after Bernadel claimed he was attacked.

Acquaintances of Bernadel contacted Local 10 News to say that he had a history of domestic issues with a former wife and a recent ex-girlfriend, and a road rage incident that reportedly made national television.

Weinsier pressed Bernadel on the accusations.

“Your own family says you’re a loose cannon, your ex-wife, your current girlfriend. Don’t you have a side of the story?” Weinsier asked. “Why did you shoot him? You followed him outside the car. Why won’t you talk to us?”

Local 10 News surveyed Bernadel’s driving record drawing questions as to why he was driving for Uber.

According to court records, Bernadel’s license was suspended in 2021 for failing to pay a citation.

Court records show citations for speeding, running stop signs, red light camera violations, and careless driving. Records show he’s been involved in two crashes, including one in 2016 in which the Florida Highway Patrol cited him. Progressive Insurance sued Bernadel for causing the other, a case he settled, according to records.

“I would never put my child in a car with an Uber driver that had that type of record, I wouldn’t get in that car as an adult,” said April McGlashan.

Bernadel’s ex-wife confirmed to Local 10 News that there were domestic issues between the two in New York, where she filed restraining orders. Those records are sealed.

According to an October 2022 police report, an ex-girlfriend said Bernadel pushed her. She fell and hit her head. He was not arrested, but police did observe a bump on her forehead.

Coconut Creek police had been to Bernadel’s apartment one other time for a domestic issue but a report was not written.

Local 10 News has also learned and Warner Brothers confirmed that Bernadel was on an episode of Judge Mathis — an acquaintance says for road rage — in 1999.

Kubiliun doesn’t know why Bernadel hasn’t been placed in handcuffs.

“We have a bullet that entered from the right flank, from the back, exited his chest. What does that tell you?” Kubiliun asked. “It doesn’t add up and we are not getting answers from the City of Hollywood Police Department as to what happened. If you don’t want to charge the guy, tell us why.”

Hollywood police have said all along they were waiting to talk to McGlashan to get his side of the story.

We have to wait to see what will happen following the 19-year-old’s passing.

Local 10 News reached out to Hollywood police, which replied by saying that detectives would take everything they gathered and present it to the State Attorney’s Office.

In an email to Local 10 News, Uber said Bernadel passed all their background checks.

Uber does have a strict no guns policy for drivers and removed Bernadel from their app.

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