Police have arrested a man they say has repeatedly returned to a woman’s home to look through her windows.

Jimmy Louis Baylor, 45, is facing multiple charges after being identified as the “Peeping Tom” who allegedly looked inside the windows of a woman’s house at least three times in a Chatham County, Georgia, neighborhood.

“Baylor is charged with three counts of felony Peeping Tom, three counts of misdemeanor Criminal Trespass, and one misdemeanor count of Stalking,” the Chatham County Police Department announced.

Police were tipped off to the alleged voyeur after the woman told detectives that on Monday, March 27, she saw something disturbing while reviewing security camera footage of her home.

“The video captured a man looking through the window of her Stalwick Drive home around 11:00 p.m. the night before,” police said. The victim showed the footage to her neighbors, who identified Baylor as the perpetrator, the announcement says.

According to police, Baylor “also resides in the area,” located some 15 miles west of Savannah.

Later that night, the victim’s home alarm system activated, and Baylor was again allegedly “caught on camera looking in a window of the residence,” the police statement said.

Baylor then reportedly “fled the scene when the home alarm sounded.”

The next day, the victim told police that she had found “another incident on home surveillance footage involving the same suspect looking through her windows on March 18, 2023,” the police statement said.

Police said they were able to “positively identify the suspect in all three videos.” They took Baylor into custody on Tuesday without incident.

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