Shocking video has captured a pregnant passenger violently attacking a Spirit Airlines employee after she was told she couldn’t board the plane due to her aggressive behavior.

The footage shows Que Maria Scott, a 29-year-old from Philadelphia who is six months pregnant, tackling Spirit Airlines employee Jasmine Rhoden at a boarding gate at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia, the Daily Mail reported.

During the April 30 brawl, Scott, who can be seen in the footage wearing a grey sweatshirt, appears to slam Rhoden into a barrier.

The two fall to the ground and begin to tussle.

Stunned passengers look on as others frantically yell at the women to stop.


Eventually, four onlookers are able to pull away Scott, who had climbed on top of the employee.

While the video, which was originally shared to Twitter, claims both were added to the “no-fly” list, only Scott was as Rhoden works for the airline, according to the Daily Mail.

The fierce exchange transpired after Scott went up to the gate to ask what was going on with her upcoming flight, according to a witness statement given to the Atlanta Police Department by Rhoden.

Scott allegedly then began to threaten one of the gate agents, who promptly called 911.

“Rhoden stated that the passenger made a statement to other passengers around that, she will beat a b—h up if she does not get on the plane,” the report said.

“At that moment, Ms. Rhoden explained that she was going to deny her boarding to this flight due to her statement and actions at the gate area.”

As the gate agent closed the gate, Scott began “swinging her arms and hitting Ms. Rhoden on the left side of her face.”

Scott then began to pull Rhoden’s hair and pushed her into a barrier, causing them to fall to the ground, according to the report.

“Ms. Rhoden stated that the female fell on top of her and it took four other passengers to get Ms. Q Scott off her.”

Rhoden later told police that she “clearly smelled alcohol” on Scott, who also claimed to be pregnant both during the attack and to police after her arrest.

Body cam footage from the Atlanta Police Department showed Rhoden telling officers Scott “needs to be arrested.”

As Scott is surrounded by officers she yells, “I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant” before officers place her in handcuffs.

Scott then says: “I didn’t do nothing to nobody. You really just got me booked. It’s cool. I’m going to remember your face in my head forever.”

Scott was arrested and booked in to Clayton County Jail on a $1,500 bond.

While being transported to the police precinct, Scott told officers she was six months pregnant, according to the police report.

Atlanta fire and EMS were called to the precinct to check out Scott, who was not transported to the hospital after her arrest.

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