Original Article – The man on camera was owner of BPH Construction LLP, Brent Michael Hospelhorn, and court records show that the incident occurred at about 12:30pm on 16 May at a property in North Phoenix, Arizona.

In the video, he claimed that a woman had scratched some cabinets in a property they were constructing and launched into a foul-mouthed tirade, which also appeared to show an instance of physical violence.

The video appears to show him slapping the unnamed woman along with letting off a torrent of swearwords and threatening to fire her.

In the video he was filmed shouting at people to ‘get the f**k out of my building right now’, before calling a woman a ‘f**king b****h’ and slapping her.

He also addressed the person filming the encounter to call them a ‘goddam worthless piece of s**t’.

It very quickly ended up going viral after the video was posted to TikTok and that led to people demanding that the police do something about it.

Phoenix police rebuffed complaints from people on the site that there was no action from their officers and said that people were sharing an ‘inaccurate narrative’.

They said their officers responded to a call, made a report and arrested the 46-year-old for assault, they cited him and recommended him for charges.

According to court documents he does now appear to have been charged with misdemeanour assault and he is scheduled to appear in court on 26 May.

It’s not a felony charge as, in Arizona, there’s a difference between a felony and a misdemeanour, depending on factors such as how severe the injuries caused are and whether the attacker used a weapon.

Some charges can be upgraded if they’re made against people with certain jobs such as a police officer or a firefighter.

The footage continues to go viral on TikTok with viewers left shocked at the man’s apparent behavior and some people were not happy with the police releasing him.

Viewers were shocked at the slap and the fact that he ‘did it so easily with a camera on him’. Some viewers said they were ‘fearful for the young lady’s safety’ and that ‘this lady needs justice’, while another said they found the video ‘disturbing’ to watch.

Others said ‘it makes my blood boil’ after watching the video.