Just four hours after a bedridden, 82-year-old woman in New Mexico frantically told cops she feared for her life, she was shot and killed by her caretaker, according to police and a report.

The caretaker, Henry Cardana, called officers to the Rio Rancho home urging them to take his elderly charge out of the house, KOAT Action 7 reported.

“She’s a hospital hospice patient and she’s uncontrollable. I can’t control her anymore. She needs for her own safety, get her the hell out of here,” he said in audio obtained by Koat 7.

The patient, Juneanne Fannell, then told the 911 operator there were guns in the home — and that she felt unsafe.

Officers arrived and chatted with Cardana about guns, confirming the caretaker had loaded weapons.

“I like folks that have guns,” one officer told him, according to the clip.

They then stood by while the worker had a disturbing exchange with the older woman, a video obtained by KOAT shows.

A photo of New Mexico cops arresting alleged murderer Henry Cardana.
New Mexico cops are seen arresting Henry Cardana after Juneanne Fannell was shot.

Cardana said something, inaudible on the video, to Juneanne Farrell, who replied, “What did you say?”

“I said you’re fine until I kill you,” Cardana answered.

“All right? He’s threatened to do that,” Fannell told the officers.

Instead of taking action, the cops left after Cardana told them, “Get out of here now. Go away,” the recently released footage from the April 5 encounter revealed.

Hours later, Cardana began screaming that he had killed Fannell, according to a neighbor’s 911 call.

Police found Cardana covered in blood when they returned to the home — and prosecutors charged him with murder.

But Cardana blamed police for Fannell’s death, the bodycam footage shows.

“You’re not listening, You didn’t help me at all,” he is seen wailing. “It’s all your fault, you guys caused this.”

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