A 32-year-old mother claims she took her two sons’ lives by “accident.” Tiffanie Lucas of Shepherdsville, Kentucky was arrested in the deaths of her 6-year-old son Maurice Baker Jr. and 9-year-old son Jayden Howard. But claimed that the internet had “manipulated” her into doing so.

Authorities were called to the Lucas family home on November 8, 2023. When they arrived they found the two boys with gunshot wounds to the head. 

In court on November 14, Bullitt County Sheriff’s Detective Richard Beahl said that police received a call from two neighbors, WHAS11 reports. The neighbors called 911 after they’d heard gunshots coming from next door.

Four of the gunshots were caught by a nearby Ring Camera and when the last gunshot is heard in the footage, Lucas can be seen leaving the home calling for help.

Police say they found the mom collapsed on a neighbor’s yard. When one officer went into the home, they found her children’s bodies covered in blood in the bedroom.

A neighbor claimed that they’d gone into the house to try and save the children before police got there. 

“He advised me that he pulled into his driveway and when he did, he told me he saw the defendant, Ms. Lucas, walking down the steps of his porch and eventually collapsing in the driveway. When he approached her, she told him that her ‘kids were dying,'” Beahl recalled. 

Lucas told authorities that she’d been given a firearm, but tried to claim that the shooting had been an accident. She said she was “in such a bad spot,” and added that she would “never do anything like this unless someone manipulated me.”

The mom claimed she’d been “manipulated” by Facebook, the internet and “Wi-Fi.”

WDRD states that the mom has since been charged with two counts of murder. During Tuesday’s hearing Judge Jennifer Porter decided to keep the mom’s bond set at $2 million, believing that she is still a danger to the public.

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