A 49-year-old woman was taken into custody on suspicion of arson after she allegedly mistakenly lit the wrong house on fire in an attempt to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

Rowan County Jail records show Christie Louise Jones was booked on charges of first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and larceny of horses, dogs, mules, swine, and cattle. Her bond was set at $101,500.

On Friday, July 22, at approximately 7 a.m., a resident in Gold Hill was alerted by their neighbor that a woman, later identified as Jones, was standing outside and appeared as if she was trying to set their home on fire. Jones allegedly set the porch ablaze and left a pile of wood on it. Investigators reportedly located chain saw oil that they believed she used to start the fire.

The male homeowner reportedly went outside and saw Jones standing at the end of the driveway holding one of his dogs, according to reports. He allegedly went inside to grab a rifle, but she fled.

Reports state the fire was lit right next to the homeowner’s propane tank, which investigators suspect Jones allegedly did on purpose in order to create a larger explosion. A man inside the home reportedly went into the backyard to get his hose to put out the fire, but he saw a sealant had been poured on it, which prevented water from coming out.

The man also reportedly saw his above-ground pool had been slashed and water had poured out. As he went back to the porch, he saw his children’s shoes were there, but the shoelaces were all gone. Jones allegedly used the shoelaces to create a leash for the dog as she left.

According to Queen City News, a man went to the home later in the day and said the suspect matched the description of his ex-girlfriend, Jones. He said he owns farmland in the area, though he did not know why Jones allegedly targeted this specific home. The homeowners reportedly know of Jones’ ex-boyfriend, but not Jones.

Reports show Jones could face additional charges. The damage reportedly amounts to about $20,000.

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