Two brothers filed the report with authorities after discovering they had injuries to their private parts “consistent with a rape”.

The pair believed they had been drugged while on a night out while vacationing in Valencia, Spain.

Another rape of a 28-year-old Irish tourist is also being investigated by the authorities in Valencia. The man told detectives he had been sexually assaulted on the last night of his vacation in the city.

That incident is said to have occurred on June 18 on an old riverbed after he agreed to go for a walk with two men “of Arabic origin with a French accent” he had met in the city’s emblematic neighborhood of El Carmen.

No arrests are yet thought to have been made.

One local report at the time said the tourist had told officers his clothes were torn from him before he was forced to have sex during the stroll.

The most recent incident was reported to police on Sunday. The two Brit brothers were examined at Valencia’s La Fe Hospital.

It comes as police around Spain probe a wave of alleged spiking cases in nightspots and at festivals around the country.

On Tuesday it emerged Civil Guard officers covering the province of Valencia have been made aware of five incidents involving needle injections, although they said no chemical substances had been found in the complainants’ blood streams.

There has not yet been any official comment from the National Police in Valencia, the force the two British brothers are said to have contacted.

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