A convicted felon ran up a $6,000 tab at a fancy hotel in Florida but now faces charges after he couldn’t pay the bill, according to a report.

Recently, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in Florida announced the arrest of Eric Louis, of Illinois.

Louis checked into a Ritz-Carlton Hotel under the false name of Lester Cook, according to WINK news.

A hotel manager became worried because Louis ran up a $6,000 bill, but his credit card on file was declined several times, according to the report. Management contacted a sheriff’s deputy because they wanted someone around when they spoke to Louis.

Louis told them he couldn’t pay because his credit cards were in his lost luggage at the airport, the report noted. His story changed several times, and he eventually admitted to driving to the Naples, Florida, area.

Louis gave police several names and they didn’t confirm his identity until he was booked into jail, reports show.

In his room, police found various debit cards, a skimming device and IDs.

Louis now faces a host of charges, including possessing a skimming device and swindling an establishment, the report stated.

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