A teen in Florida is dead and another is in critical condition after they found and allegedly stole a Maserati sports car.

A group of three teens in Pinellas County, Florida, allegedly broke into a Maserati on Sunday and found the keys had been left inside. They then proceeded to take the car, but eventually crashed the vehicle. One teen died in the accident and another is in critical condition, police said.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri held a press conference near the scene of the crash. He identified the boys as Keondrick Lang, 15, Mario Bonilla, 15, and Malachi Daniels, 16. According to the sheriff, the boys were wandering through the neighbourhood checking door handles to see if they could enter any of the parked vehicles in the area when they found that the Maserati’s door was unlocked.

They found the keys inside and as they entered were spotted by a police helicopter that had been flying overhead. Deputies on the ground were told there was a possible break-in in progress and tried to stop the vehicle, but the teens allegedly sped away with Keondrick Lang behind the wheel. Mario Bonilla was in the front seat and Malachi Daniels was in the back.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said it has a policy not to engage in vehicle chases streets, but the teens took off anyway. The police helicopter followed the teens as they drove until the vehicle slammed into the side of a building and flipped in the parking lot, totalling the luxury vehicle.

Reports state that Mario Bonilla died in the crash, and Malachi Daniels was hospitalized and is currently fighting for his life. Keondrick Lang was also hospitalized but is expected to survive, the sheriff said.

According to the sheriff, the teens did not have much of a criminal history and one of the teen’s parents had recently moved him to a new school in an effort to prevent them from engaging in criminal behavior.

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