It isn’t new to find counterfeits of luxury designer goods in the market. Recently, a ‘boutique’ owner from Long Island was also nabbed for being in possession and purportedly attempting to sell fake designer goods worth $40 million. Yes, that’s right!

The 31-year-old sold faux Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Dior, Ugg, and Louis Vuitton knockoffs to several unsuspecting customers through Web sites and her store, as per reports. Officials recovered 22 printing presses at the said store that were used to create “thousands of synthetic heat-sealed counterfeit labels.”

Commenting on it, Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder in a press release said, “A simple $10 sweatshirt, you put the Chanel brand on it, it sells for $5,300.” He further added, “They would take a hat, a $3 hat, a 50-cent item on the side. They would heat seal it onto the hat and sell the hat for $300.’’

Remarking similarly, Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly added, “This was not a mom-and-pop operation. This was a sophisticated operation operating two fashion merchandise companies, Christian Salvatore New York and Linny’s Boutique.’’

Castelli was arrested on October 7 and was charged with second-degree trademark counterfeiting. She was later released ahead of a November court appearance but could face up to three years in prison if convicted.

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