A man from Maple Grove has been arrested for breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend in Minneapolis on Monday, October 10, and shooting her 12 times in front of their child. He now faces felony charges for premeditated attempted murder.

According to the Hennepin County police’s complaint, police officers responded to a report of a home invasion on Oliver Avenue North at 10:19 am. The victim was found upstairs with her child on the floor next to her. The front door had been forced open. According to the complaint, the woman was “severely wounded and was fading.”

The victim claimed that her ex-boyfriend, 40-year-old Tylynne Lashawn Wilson, shot her and “kept shooting until he ran out of bullets.” She added that Wilson had threatened to kill her, stated the complaint, according to reorts.

Later, the woman claimed that Wilson was angry about an incident on October 3 during which he shot her current partner multiple times in the legs. Wilson was out on bond at the time of the incident, after being charged with two charges of domestic abuse, one act of disorderly conduct, and one count of property damage that related to an incident that happened in late August. 

In September, he allegedly attempted to kill his ex-girlfriend before he paid a $15,000 bond and was freed on September 3. According to documents, Wilson allegedly broke into the woman’s home after she hung up on him while they were arguing. Wilson then allegedly entered the woman’s bedroom while she was inside with her one-year-old child and shot at her.

Additionally, according to court records, Wilson has a history of convictions, including a first-degree aggravated robbery in 2011 and a second-degree assault with a deadly weapon in 2003. State prosecutors are requesting that Wilson be released from court on no less than a $2M bail. Wilson does not have a court appearance scheduled yet.


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