The head of a psychology clinic that specializes in counseling for adolescents in Texas was arrested after he allegedly admitted to placing hidden cameras in the bedroom of one of his patients and using the footage to pleasure himself sexually.

Dr. Timothy David Kimball, 43, was arrested and charged with one count of indecency with a child by contact, a second-degree felony, court records show.

Dr. Kimball is the President and CEO of Texas Psychological & Consultation Services (TPACS), which provides psychological evaluation, testing, and assessment for children in the San Antonio area, according to the company’s website.

According to a report from San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT-TV, the victim’s mother employed Kimball’s services for her minor daughter. The mother reportedly became suspicious, however, that Kimball may have “touched her daughter inappropriately” after having a “strange conversation” with the doctor, per the report.

In an arrest warrant obtained by the station, the mother reportedly recounted a conversation she had with Dr. Kimball during which he allegedly told her that “if the police ever went to his work, they would discover things that would put him in jail for life.”

After the suspicious conversation, the victim’s mother searched her daughter’s bedroom, where she reportedly found a hidden camera designed to appear like a USB charging port. The victim’s mother then reportedly contacted the San Antonio Police Department regarding the hidden camera.

SAPD officers reached out to Dr. Kimball at his place of employment and he reportedly agreed to provide investigators with a statement.

According to KSAT, investigators say that during the interview, Kimball “admitted to recording the victim using hidden cameras,” saying that his actions started at the beginning of August 2022.

“During the interview with police, Kimball told them he purchased four hidden cameras, which he placed in the victim’s bedroom and would view those recordings at his office while touching himself in a sexual manner,” the station reported. “He also admitted to becoming physically aroused while giving the girl a back massage.”

In addition to the reported alleged confessions about surreptitiously recording the minor victim and the back massage, Dr. Kimball also allegedly told investigators that he had a “compulsion to his perversion” which he had tried to overcome.

Kimball was taken into custody on Aug. 24 and booked into the Bexar County Adult Detention Center. He was released on Aug. 25 after posting bond of $125,000, online jail records show.

It is not currently clear if Dr. Kimball is currently still providing psychological services at TPACS. He is still listed on the website as the President/CEO of the company. Dr. Kimball’s personal bio says that he’s a “problem solver and a people person” with a “strong background in both management and entrepreneurship.”

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