A man was recently found guilty of killing his wife with a meat cleaver and attacking his mother-in-law in 2017.

In a news release, Vermont Attorney General Susanne Young said Aita Gurung was found guilty Nov. 3 in the first-degree murder of Yogeswari Khadka and guilty of second-degree attempted murder for the near-fatal attack on Tulasa Rimal.

In October 2017, Aita Gurung began to attack his 32-year-old wife with a meat cleaver in the kitchen of a home on Hyde Street, according to the Burlington Free Press. The attack reportedly resumed outside.

Khadka suffered wounds to her skull, arms, and hands, and Rimal suffered severe head injuries and had to be hospitalized. Neighbors allegedly tried to step in, including a man with a firearm, the Burlington Free Press reports. Eventually, authorities were able to take Gurung into custody.

Gurung and Khadka’s 8-year-old child was at school during the incident, the Burlington Free Press reports.

Prior to the attack, Gurung allegedly called police, seeking attention “for mental health issues and concerns about his deteriorating relationship with his wife.”

During the weekslong trial, prosecutors claimed Gurung, who allegedly suffered from alcohol withdrawal, requested beer money from his wife and was aware of what he was doing during the attack, WCAX-TV reports.

The defense tried to prove that Gurung had a history of hearing voices and was not legally sane during the attack, but a jury determined otherwise, according to WPTZ-TV.

Gurung will reportedly remain in a state hospital until his sentencing.

In a statement, Young said, “Murder is the most serious charge that can be brought in our system of justice.”

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