Police are hunting three women after a man was found tied to his bed having died of a heart attack.

The 60-year-old man told a friend he had met several women that night on a dating app and police suspect foul play after his possessions were found missing.

Family members have appealed to neighbours for descriptions of the three women who vanished, leaving the man bound and tied to his bed.

Daniel Alfredo Rusticane was found face up with his hands and feet bound after apparently suffering a fatal heart attack.

The 60-year-old veteran is believed to have died during a robbery and the authorities are trying to track down the women he last contacted on a dating app.

As the victim’s vehicle and mobile phone were missing from his property, the police are treating his death as suspicious.

The police found his stolen Ford Ranger pickup truck abandoned five blocks from his home in Gregorio de Laferrère, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Officers are currently analysing a set of fingerprints found on the vehicle’s steering wheel – polce also reportedly found a knife on the back seat.

Gisela Rusticane, daughter of Daniel, has appealed to neighbors for help in identifying the women who were allegedly with him before he suffered the heart attack last week.

A close friend, who wished to remain anonymous, told the police: “He sent me an audio at night saying he was with two or three women.”

The investigation is being supervised by prosecutor Karina Licalzi from La Matanza who does not rule out the possibility of a sexual game taking place prior to the victim being robbed.

The preliminary results of the autopsy indicated the Falklands War veteran, who was in the 3rd Regiment of La Tablada, suffered a fatal heart attack.

However, the authorities are still awaiting the results of a toxicological report to establish whether he had consumed anything that could have triggered it.

A police spokesperson said: “There is also the possibility that the women tied him up and he died from shock or anxiety. We do not rule out this hypothesis, although we are awaiting the complementary laboratory results to be sure.”

The investigation continues.

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